April 4, 2011

Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger

Last Thursday, I was able to attend a premiere of a movie called Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger. At the beginning, the director asked that we give feedback, so I took my notebook out of my purse along with a pencil and was ready to take some notes. Judging from the trailers I'd seen online, this was going to be a pretty good film. I only got to jot down one idea before I was sucked into the plot- 'Excellent beginning- hooked me within 1st 30 sec!'

(A synopsis taken from the website) When the individualistic, cynical soldier-for-hire Jimmy Valiant (Brant Harris) is recruited to protect an idealistic Texas state senator, the two are forced to work together to unravel a conspiracy that forces Jimmy to face a dilemma between his own lust for vengeance and his family’s convictions about justice.
After a tragedy in the family business, young Jimmy Valiant seeks independence as an international soldier-for-hire, and balks at a marriage that would risk his autonomy. Facing an ultimatum from his fiancée complicated by mounting debts, Jimmy becomes desperate for work. An anonymous client recruits Jimmy to shadow a controversial Texas State Senator. Jimmy must overcome his myopia as he initiates an investigation that uncovers some startling truths, and brings him face-to-face with the last man in the world that he ever wanted to meet again.

Jimmy soon finds himself caught up in a conspiracy that threatens to undermine everything that he has come to trust.

Taking you panning through the halls of the Texas State Capitol, roaring in a Ferrari over the hills of Canyon Lake, and racing down the San Antonio Riverwalk, this film has been an adventure to make and promises to be an adventure to watch.

And, yes, it was a real Ferrari, going 115 mph!! So cool! Also, they filmed the outside of the Texas State Capitol, but for all you TeenPact people who would like to know, it was the inside of the Georgia Captiol- you know, the part they wouldn't let us in? They let Nathaniel Darnell and his cast and crew go in and film there!

This was the first movie premiere I've been to and it was quite an experience! I was able to stand less than a foot away from the director and the actor who played Jimmy Valiant!! It was also the first time I've been able to see a movie with a few church friends, which was very nice. We had a long talk after the movie and laughed a lot!

Overall, this was one of the best independent Christian films I've seen- and believe me, I've seen a lot. There were only a few cheesy parts, and the entire thing kept me on the edge of my seat! To learn more about Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger, visit www.jimmyvaliantthemovie.com


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Courtney said...

Laughing and critiquing!!! Gotta love it! =D