October 21, 2011

My Life in Pictures

So much has been going on in the past few weeks, so I just decided to highlight everything we've been doing!

Passion for Jesus Girls' Retreat

The place where we stayed for the retreat was a lot of fun to photograph (when I had time!) and the leaves were changing, which was absolutely beautiful!

Arwen having a blast on the swing - and no, she didn't jump off, though a few other girls did!

Everyone wanted to get their hair done! Isn't it gorgeous?! I thought it looked like Rapunzel from Tangled when she gets her hair all braided up.

Isn't this a beautiful bridge?

MovieGuide Banquet

We had a lot of fun getting dressed up and eating good food while hearing about the MovieGuide ministry. (http://www.movieguide.org/) I'm pretty sure they recorded it. (I think they got the back of my head on camera. My hairdo is compliments of Arwen!)

"We never really got a good picture of your hairdo," Arwen says. "It was gorgemous." (She should know - she did it!) We spent a while curling it with the flat iron - yes, you can do that! - and then we switched outfits. : )

Baby's 'Big Boy Bed!'

Isn't he so strong?!

"Be cawit," he whispered. "I twying to sweep."

I tell people he's my boyfriend. He doesn't mind much.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say I love your blog! You do an amazing job and your pictures are great. NK is very cute, and I think no one can beat you and Arwen in gorgeousness. =) Love you, girl!

~Elinor Dashwood

The Elliotts said...

Aww... you're so sweet. Thanks so much. Isn't he cute? Every day, I'm so grateful that we've been blessed and chosen by God to know him and raise him!
Gorgeousness... ha! : ) You make me laugh.

- Eowyn