November 23, 2011

It's HERE!!

My copy of The Errant King by Wayne Thomas Batson just got here... and I'm SO happy! I couldn't sit still for an hour afterwards, and I skipped up the stairs to show Arwen! I started re-reading Sword in the Stars, the first book in the Dark Sea Annals, a few weeks ago - and took my time because the last time I checked, The Errant King wasn't going to get here until the middle of December. (You see, I pre-ordered it back in July even though I knew it'd take a while, and it finally shipped on Sunday. Talk about fast delivery!!) So for the past hour or two, I've been literally forcing myself to read, all the time glancing at The Errant King beside me. : )

I originally thought I wasn't going to get any school off this week (except maybe tomorrow) and somehow try to double-up sometime so I can go shopping on Friday. (A first for me... we'll see how it goes!) Thankfully, while we were having devotions this morning, my teacher made a request to the principal, and he accepted. Now we have today through Friday off, with today being a catch-up day. Also, we have to travel nearly two hours tomorrow to my aunt's house for our first Thanksgiving meal, then back two hours to my grandparents' house for another, then back an hour to our house tonight. I wasn't looking forward to the driving, but now... let's just say I'm giddy.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


Manny said...

Ha! I did/am doing the same thing as you! I started re-reading Sword in the Stars a while ago, but then when The Errant King came, I was still in the middle of it! And now, Jake has finished the Errant King and it is my turn to read, but I can't find Sword in the Stars among all of our luggage. Eh, I might just abandon Sword in the Stars and go on to the Errant King.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Elliotts said...

Too bad!! I'd give up on Sword in the Stars, too. lol! I somehow managed to make it through SitS on the way to our second Thanksgiving meal of the day (ouch!) and started The Errant King.... Boy, is it good!

Hope you find SitS!