July 13, 2012

Excerpts From My June Crusade Novel

Yes!! I'm not kidding! It's the post you've all been waiting for.... (Well, not that one... heehee.... That one is coming soon. Patience, my young padawans....)

Keep in mind that these are only excerpts. I had Arwen proof-read all of them (making sure they're good enough for all of my fellow writers...), and she was like, "Wow, this novel skips around a lot!" "They're excerpts, girly." "Oh."

So here it is - proof that I actually wrote something in June! : )


“Now... please welcome... Alec and Nikki Scott!”
The crowd started roaring with applause and I glanced at Alec, who cracked his knuckles and looked at me with a hint of a smile on his face. He reached his hand out towards me and I took it with a nervous smile.


“First place and the winners of one thousand dollars and the admittance to nationals goes to...”
I took another deep breath and squeezed Alec's hand. I could barely keep myself from bouncing up and down on the ice.
“The brother-sister couple...!”
I gasped, my heart beating as fast as the applause that drowned out the rest of the announcement. I couldn't say anything – my jaw just dropped. Alec wrapped his arms around my waist, picked me up, and spun me around, skating in circles on the ice. He put me down a few minutes later, gave me a big hug, and we skated to the center of the rink. Alec let go of my hand and I skated forward a few steps and curtsied, so low that I nearly touched the ice, then turned and held my hand out toward Alec, who bowed and grabbed my hand and bowed again with me.
Whoever was manning the sound turned up the announcer's microphone. “Alec Scott and Nikki Scott!” blasted over the speakers. I grinned, watching the crowd stand up and keep applauding for us.
I glanced over at Kylie and Liam, the second-place couple, and motioned for them to come, then to Matt and Julie, the third-place couple. Both couples skated towards us and we all grabbed hands and bowed together a few times. The applause didn't die down until all seventeen couples were out of the rink, Alec and I last. I turned and waved a little, then ran into the locker room, almost giddy with excitement.


[After doing a run-through of their new routine....]
“That was pretty good, Nick,” he said, holding out his hand.
I grabbed it and we bowed, then I skated in wide circles. “Thanks, but I didn't think it was that great.” I put my hands on my hips, thinking, then looked up at him. “We have to practice more.”
Alec shook his head. “Nick, we have seven weeks. If it's going this well only a week into practice, who knows how good we'll be in January?”
I skated towards him, stopping only inches from his face. “If we practice.”
“Come on, Nikki!” Natalie [who was sitting in the bleachers] called. “My dad wants me home by ten!”
“Coming, Nat!” I yelled, waving my hand in her direction. I looked Alec in the eye. “Alec, we don't have an instructor.”
Alec laughed haughtily and I glared at him. “Nick, you don't have to tell me that. I know.”
“Yeah, but you don't act like it. Do you think we'll be as good this year at nationals as we were last year? Mom helped us last year, but she's not here-”
“I know!” He took a deep breath and let it out. I could tell that he was trying not to get mad at me in front of his girlfriend. “I know, Nikki. If we just work hard and practice, we'll be as good or better than we were last year. Maybe even get ranked.”
“Yeah – work hard. Practice.” Alec started skating towards the door and I followed him. “Alec, that's what I've been trying to tell you!”
Alec spun around and I jerked back and nearly slipped on the ice. “Just stop it, Nikki. The conversation's over.”
I huffed and folded my arms, rolling my eyes. He just ignored me and stepped out of the rink.
'One happy family.'
Alec started bouncing on the board and I crossed my arms. “I'm waiting...”
He started chuckling a little nervously. “Um, turn around. Let me do it once to make sure I remember and then I'll show you.”
I laughed and turned around. “Whatever.”
“And close your eyes! You can see in the reflection of the glass, can't you?”
“Not really...” I closed my eyes anyway.
I heard him take a few deep breaths and let them out, then the diving board creak as he bounced on it again. Then, I heard him jump off. A little whooshing for a minute, then a sound that made my heart nearly stop – a smack against something.
'That can't be right!' I thought, panicking and spinning around.
At first, I couldn't see anything. Alec had already dived into the pool and sunk a few feet.
Willing my heart to slow back down, I walked to the edge of the pool. I gasped. The water had taken on a hint of a pinkish color... and Alec still didn't come up.
Alec!” I screamed.


“Are you okay?” I asked, leaning in towards his face. “How do you feel?”
“Weird,” Alec mumbled.
His voice was really hoarse, but I smiled, just happy that I was hearing him talk at last. He slowly lifted his hand up and rubbed the bandage on his forehead.
“My head feels weird....”
“I'm sorry.” I stood. “Kate'll be here in a minute. She's the nurse.” I smiled and tried to blink away the happy tears that I felt coming. I sat down again, not wanting to leave Alec. “I'm so glad you've woken up so fast. I know this is crazy, but maybe we can still dance at nationals in January! Would you like to do that?”
Alec slowly frowned, confusion plainly on his face. “Dance?”


I looked up at Dylan to see what he thought. His thoughts were pretty clear as far as I was concerned. “Wait.”
Dylan leaned back and ran his fingers through his hair. I looked down at my salad, trying not to watch. 'Just like Alec....'
“He's got amnesia​?” Dylan continued, shock plainly written on his face. “From a swimming accident?”
I nodded. “Yeah.”
Dylan let out a deep breath. “Whoa.”
I nodded again. “That just about sums it up.”


“It's so weird!” I said, almost laughing. “I really want him to remember everything, but... not how he treated me or how or why he was so mean to me. Not anything like that.” I looked at her. “Do you think he will?”
“Probably.”I took a deep breath. “Do you think he'll treat me the same way when he does remember?”
Nat shrugged. “I have no idea. But this is what you need to do while he's remembering – try to rebuild your relationship with him. Pretend you have amnesia, too, and can't remember the mean things he said to you. Pretend it never happened. Take the blessing God's given you and run with it.”

So! What'd you think?


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