January 3, 2013

Happy 121st Birthday, J.R.R. Tolkien!

Without you, we wouldn't know what hobbits are.

Without you, we'd have no reason to spontaneously shout, "Get off the road!"

Without you, we'd think that gold rings were normal.

Without you, there'd be no reason to dress up and watch extended editions of movies with friends.

Without you, we wouldn't sound cool when we say like Captain Obvious, "A diversion."

Without you, we would have no good standards for great literature.

Without you, I know I'd be without one of my top favorite movie heroes.  (FARAMIR!!!)

Without you, I wouldn't be interested in literature at all.

Without you, I wouldn't have a reason to have a cake made house in a hill.

Without you, well... I would be completely fangirlish over The Scarlet Pimpernel.
(It's good to have balance in my passions.)

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Dear Eowyn

I know it has been a very long time since I'v commented and I'm sorry. I really am still checking it. But here is a good long comment to make up for it :)

Soooo I finished S6 of Doctor Who. Doctor 11 is AMAZING, and I love the Ponds. They are so brilliant and Impossible - I think Moffat way outdid himself with these companions, because I am going to sob nonstop when they go. they are that good. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Which Season are you on?

I have also finished "Merlin" It is over. I've been watching the show since the end of 2009. To have it over is *Really* weird. The last two episodes were incredibly sad. They were good... bad VERY SAD. I strongly recommend Merlin to you. I think You'd like it. Sherlock is also amazing (_ minus a scene in one episode) <3

I'm glad you finished your novel!!

Hippo-birdy Tolkien. I am such a fan. Not the kind that keeps you cool, the other one - fanatic! You are awesome!

Sooo there you go. *Waves* Now I shall pop off!

God Bless

Katrina DeLallo said...

LOL! The Hobbit was one of the first books I remember reading when I was little, and I adored Bilbo. And I'm so excited!! Faramir is my favourite character from the movie too! Most people seem to like Aragorn.

Bella Rose said...

I love Tokien - Without him there would be no Pippin, no Gandalf, no Shire, No Farimir (Whom I ADORE) So thank you Tolkien!!!

I have a blog now. Check it out -


I hope you like it :-)

God Bless

Ps - sorry if I commented already - I don't remember

Anonymous said...

Bella - Totally fine!! I haven't been posting your comments (or posting at all, for that matter...), so I guess we're even!! : )

Awesome!! I can't wait to watch it.... : ) Still on Season 2! I've rediscovered The Dick Van Dyke show, so I've been a little busy with that. : )

That's great and sad at the same time! I hate it when shows end. We watched the last season of Lark Rise a few weeks ago and I very nearly cried.

Me, too!!! : )

Katrina - I've just started reading 'The Hobbit' - finished the first third right before we saw it. And I loved it!! : ) And Faramir is ah.mazing. So cool. : )

Bella - SO true!! : ) Ooh, I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the link!!