October 12, 2013

ever had a day like this?

"But... why?" I finally managed to ask.

Meg looked up at me and smiled sadly. "I have no idea.  Maybe the author just wanted to increase her word count by making something bad happen to me.  Why else would I be here?"

Gracious sakes, y'all.  I've had a mild case of writer's block for the past few weeks.

I can't find time to write, then, when I finally do, I can't figure out what to write!  : (

So.  Here's my question: What do you do to get over writer's block?  Do you drink a gallon of coffee?  Eat a barrel of chocolate?  Follow Dory's advice and "Just keep writing!  Just keep writing!" no matter how awful it is?  (That's what I did during NaNo last year....  Now I'm having to go through that novel and eradicate any extraneous obfuscations.)

Leave a comment below with your tips – not just for me, but for anyone else who may be reading this!



Isabella said...

Well I have a LOT of writers block, and I tend to write a book better if I lay down on my bed and think through my story. I mean I really am not the one to give much advice, I am not the best at writing, but I do find that it's better to lay down and think about it. I actually find most of my story like that, when I can't think of a good sentence I lay down and it comes to me! Just keep a note pad close by :)


Anonymous said...

Go for a long walk. Pray. If you are writing for the Glory of God, he will help you out.

Katelyn said...

I listen to soundtracks and praise music.

Leslie said...

Oh dear... Writer's block is my Bogeyman--so I defend against it by always having five or so projects going at once, and still more that I've abandoned in the past, or ideas that labor in the development stages... I had this experience recently; staring at the words "Chapter X" for so long after writing at a furious rate all previously... and literally my mind was vacant. Not a voice, not a sensation of any kind.
I do keep writing; I love a good "hurricane of words" don't you?

Kendra E. Ardnek said...

“Oh, right.”
“Um … which of us is saying what?”
“I think our author had better figure that out.”
“We have an author?”
“Let’s just end this scene before it gets any worse.”
“I agree.”

Yeah, been there, done that. Not fun. Especially not during NaNo ... (see above example)

Tips? Well just pushing through is always an option, but as you've mentioned, it has a tendency of just producing ... a mess.

You can try putting the book to the side and focusing on another writing project/research thing/reading a book and just let the idea fester. Taking a walk is a good idea. Fresh air is good for the head.

Talk it out with someone. Have a trusted friend/parent/sibling with whom you can give away every scrap of plot you have. Even if they never give any advice, you may find verbalizing your problem will provide a solution.

Introduce a new character. I love new characters. They're always nice for when you need to spice up your plot. This can be overdone though ...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I think I fiiiiiinally got over my writer's block. : P

Having three different stories going at the same time is helping. : D