August 6, 2011

NC Trip!!

On Wednesday we got back from a 4-day trip to North Carolina. Wow, what a trip! We got to visit a lot of friends and had a lot of fun doing a lot of different things!

Highlights include:
Playing games like The Animal Game, Follow the Judge to Court, Gray Wolf, and another card game that I can't spell but love!
Talking about... math, of all things
Seeing people I haven't seen for a few months or more
Eating delicious food at Qdoba (a restaurant we don't have here in Georgia) and at different people's houses

I enjoyed the entire trip tremendously, but the above were just a few things I wanted to mention.

We should be going back on Tuesday through about Thursday for a wedding, and I'm SUPER excited about that! It's going to be a lot of fun! (Maybe I'll have a few pictures....)


PS: We watched Soul Surfer for the first time last night. It was so good.... So good, it very nearly made me cry!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you at Elizabeth's wedding!!!

~Elinor Dashwood =)

Swint Studios said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you're back;)