September 6, 2011

Belated Summer Vacation - Days One and Two

Well, here we are in Florida, finally having our summer vacation! It's been really fun so far, and we've already made some great memories!

Yesterday, we woke up early at our grandparents' house in Georgia. (After church on Sunday, we had eaten out with a family from church, visited a friend, and stayed at our grandparents' house for dinner and the night.) We had a big breakfast, but I didn't eat much - I was too excited to start on our vacation! : ) Anyway, after a minute of packing all of our stuff back in the car and adjusting the bike rack (it's the first time we've been able to bring bikes on a trip!), we started off. I think it was one of the shortest rides we've been on in a long time because we only stopped once! Mom read 'Carry On, Mr. Bowditch' for the first few hours of the ride for a reason I'll explain in a minute. She got about halfway done before we all agreed we wanted to be done and read on our own for a little while. I started reading 'Eight Cousins' for the umpteenth time, then my little brother said he wanted to watch "the Woody movie" our grandparents were letting us borrow. I put 'Toy Story 3' in the laptop and had to let Rose stay with her cousins. We drove through really windy weather for a while and finally got to the place we're staying.

My younger brother describing the weather - WINDY! I could hardly keep my eyes open or walk right, the wind was blowing so hard! We all went down to the water and watched the waves crash onto the shore.

It was a double-red flag on the beach, which basically means it's illegal to get in the water, so we just went back to our little house and read more of 'Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.' I fell asleep while Mom was reading... whoops!

This morning, I was still on Eastern Standard Time, so I looked at my phone and hopped up, thinking we were late for our free breakfast at Chick-fil-A, but it was only seven o'clock. : ( I don't like getting up early, especially on vacations...

We ate breakfast with some friends and their grandparents, which was a lot of fun!

After we ate, we were planning on going on a ship for a few hours (a Three-Hour Tour... makes me a little nervous...), but the tide was too high, so we've rescheduled until tomorrow morning. The ship is called the Nathaniel Bowditch, and that's the reason we've been re-reading the book! We were very fortunate to be able to get a reservation at all because they normally don't let anyone under 18 on, but that's a long story.

We changed our plans and Mom and Arwen stopped at the Dollar Store for a few things while Dad, me, and my younger siblings tried to find a few Geocaches that were in the area. We found two and it was a lot of fun! (See our family blog for pictures) After we stopped at our little house, we went to the beach and hung out for the afternoon with our friends. We had BLAST!!!

Playing volleyball.... Well, THEY were playing. Me and my siblings were watching the ball fly over our heads, then running to get it. (We aren't very good, but I'd like to get better!)

Finishing up Peanut Butter the Jellyfish!

One of our totally awesome sandcastles! (The best, in my opinion!!)

One of our friends and my adorable little brother!

The finished product of our sandcastle! The one in the back was done by about four people, while the one in the front was me and someone else. We couldn't decide if they were rival fortresses or not.

Love this picture! They were trying to block the sun so you could see the FL '11 in the picture, but you can still see them! HA!

Us and The FlipFlop!

All us kids in front of the 2011 we made! (Yeah, we made a lot of different sand sculptures because we weren't allowed in the water! Loads of fun!)

A better picture of Peanut Butter the Jellyfish. (How'd that hat get on there?!)

After reluctantly leaving our friends' condo, we went back to our little house and had a really good dinner.

Dinner... YUM!

Tomorrow, we'll go on the Nathaniel Bowditch and I'll have LOTS of pictures. Hopefully we won't get sunburned!

Until the next few minutes of down-time,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for the update! Miss hearing from you. Looking forward to more pics. Have a wonderful vacation!