June 4, 2012

Good Start to a Great Month!

I think I got off to a very good start this morning. Check the list below and decide for yourselves.

This morning, I...

Got up (that's always helpful...)

Went downstairs, utterly surprised that it was almost nine and no one was up (strange, because I usually get up LAST... by far)

Loaded the dishwasher and washed a pot from making food for a fellowship meal at our church yesterday (insanely fun, especially since we went over to a friends' house and the parents all left. See, if I'd known that they were going to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Jackie Evancho, I would have begged to go...)

Took my medicine (including the nasty grapefruit seed extract... nastiness in liquid form!)

Heated myself up some oatmeal (mixed with craisins and almond slivers... yuuuum!)

Ran upstairs and cleaned up my room to have a tidy workplace (which I think is invaluable in inspiring this often-writer's-blocked-writer...)

Wrote a movie review for a blog I follow (hint: it has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with a hero I greatly love)

Made yet another Sir Percy backdrop for my laptop (I'm thinking of doing one Les Miz-themed for this Les Miz-themed writing intensive I'm doing)

Changed from my pajamas into jeans and my Les Miz t-shirt (Love, love, love...)

Made some Hobbit Tea – Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend (I only take out my special teas about once or twice a year... I told myself this was a special occasion!)

Got myself a half-cup of chocolate chips (for additional motivation...)

Ran back upstairs and started listening to The High Kings ('Low lie the fields of Athenry...')

Now, here I sit in my room, listening to 'One Day More!' while drinking Hobbit Tea in my sister's One Day More! coffee mug, wearing my Les Miz shirt and my Scarlet Pimpernel ring.

Yes, I believe I've gotten off to a good start. I just hope I'm able to end like this, too. : )



Later... That was about three hours ago. Since then, I have written a very extensive document on each of my main characters (including Unknown Friend, who I've named Hayden Bronson - yahoo!), finished my Hobbit Tea, and have since felt very inspired.

Oh, yeah... and written the first - and highly important - scene.

Total word count: 1,736. WAHOO!


Miss Dashwood said...

Ooh, you like THK too? The Fields of Athenry is soooo gorgeous. Another of my favorites is Mairi's Wedding, have you heard that one?

Anna Grace said...


I liked this post! :D I want some Hobbit Tea now. And oatmeal sounds yummy. I haven't had it in quite a while, actually. *will have to remember that for breakfast tomorrow*

It's a wonder that I haven't made a TSP backdrop for my computer yet... O.o *will also have to remember to do so*

I'm glad your writing's going great! I've done NaNoWriMo I think three times....never got to 50,000 words though. :-/ The most I can write at a time is a short story. Which suits me better, actually. :D But even if I don't write a lot, I'm in love with my characters. One of them in particular. He's pretty swell.

You should post a scene. Or something that tells a tiny bit about each character. I know I'd like that! ;)

Aaaahhh.....a review for a blog that is non-writing-related but a-hero-you-love......I wonder what blog *that* could be? *grin*

The Fields of Athenry!!! I haven't heard that song in forever! :) <3 It's sad, though. But pretty. I like it! :) I should learn it on the piano. Reminds me of the book "In Freedom's Cause" by G.A. Henty. If you haven't read it....you should. *sigh* Archie's cool in it.

Well, once again, you can see that I tend to write extremely long comments..... :-/ But I suppose that's good. :D


The Elliotts said...

Amy - Correction - I LOVE THK. Some friends introduced us to them a few weeks ago and I am officially hooked. YES!! LOVE that song. My sister's name sounds like Marie, so she's been saying she wants it at her wedding. I also like Star of the County Down. And The Parting Glass. And Red is the Rose. Oh, I should just do a post on them... : )

Anna Grace - WHEE!!! Long comment! YES!!! *fist pump*

Hobbit Tea is amazing! Oatmeal... not so amazing, but REALLY good the way my Dad and older sister make it. YUM!!

Hehehe... my TSP backdrop says, "One thing you must never doubt is my sincerity." The last time I turned it on, I screamed, "I WILL NEVER DOUBT YOU, PERCY!!!" Yes, I am a weird fangirl. Your point is?!

I've always *wanted* to do NaNo, but I've never actually been able to sign up. I love writing short stories, too!! This will be my first complete novel. The farthest I've ever gotten is about 33k words... Loved that story! Had to stop, though, because someone said that my main character - who was a guy - was too girly. : P I'm glad I'm not the only one in love with my characters. They're all so great... : )

I've been thinking about that! Maybe I will... : )

HA!! Yup. Should be up later tonight! : ) (Third smiley face at the end of a paragraph, but who's counting?) : )

Love that song... but I like The Parting Glass better. : ) I've read that... a LOOONG time ago. I'm not a *huge* fan of G.A.Henty - I find his books a little, oh what's the word... dull? Boring? Tedious? Anyway, you get the point. I do share a birthday with him though... When I told one of my friends that, who is a HUGE Henty fan, she was like, "I HATE YOU!!" Hehehe...

Me likes them!! Don't let me stop you! : )


Anna Grace said...


First off, I just saw your little comment-thingy: "Comments are my one weakness".....Unless my eyes decisive me that is a quote from Lark Rise to Candleford. (note the awesome Legolas quote thrown in.) Ringer, be-eth I.

HA! HAHAHAHA! That's too funny! I would totally say something like that! :D *will have to think of some very good quote to get for my computer screen.....oh wait. They're all good quotes.....*

And I like that quote. :) And that scene. <3 *one of the best proposals.* "I want you to forget about every other man you've known *insert flick of wrist to fix lace* except me". *grins fan-girlishly*

Well, that's better than me. The most I ever wrote in NaNo was 20K....maybe.... :) Most of it was probably rubbish, anyhow. :D Too girly, eh? I once had a main character that rebelled against me and became a horrid bad-guy! So....I think I'd rather take the girly-guy over that. :)

On the subject of Henty, let me agree whole-heartedly!!! I do NOT care for Henty's writing at all. I read In Freedom's Cause for school and it was OK.... I liked the story and such, but the writing-style was torture. So. I completely agree with you. Plus, most of the guy-characters are too strong and never show any emotion whatsoever. An instant reason to not like them, in my opinion. That's why I loved "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson so much. :) I like a character that can cry now and again.

And that's pretty cool you share his birthday! My dad shares a birthday with Charles Dickens! :D I like that. <3

Oh yay! Will be waiting for that post!!


P.S. I just realized we now have two separate conversations going. On two different posts. On two different blogs.....:D

Eowyn said...

Anna - Yes, indeed it is. Hmm... can't think of a comeback quote from LotR. : P "My fingers are tingling! I think it's effecting me."

I'm so weird.... : D But weird is good. Especially when it has to do with Sir Percy. : ) And YES, they are ALL good quotes. : )

Except ME. Love that! "Are you an actor, too? Playing out some strange charade?"

Well, I'd been working on it since FOREVER ago. About three years actually writing, though. Major bummer when I stopped. I'm thinking of starting again. Just changing him a little. He was supposed to be a WIMP, though!! I liked him... "And I still do, in my heart!" : D

Whew. Glad I'm not the only one. That's right. Alexandra just did a really good post on guys crying. I like guys that cry, too - shows they actually FEEL for whatever they're going through! Never read "Kidnapped," but I LOVE the 2005 version with Ian Glen. GOOD movie!!

Ooh, Charles Dickens! Cool!!

It's up! I was like, "GAH!! I just posted on MY FAVORITE BLOG!!!" *giddy smile*


PS: HA!! Nice.