September 5, 2012

Behold... It's a personal concert!!

In lieu of the fact that there is a Ramin Karimloo concert going on tonight about an hour away from my house (and I'm not there... *sobs*), I've decided to host my own Ramin concert, complete with videos, compliments of YouTube.

Enjoy. : )

Till I Hear You Sing from Love Never Dies
Here's a wonderful song to start us off. It's the first song I heard Ramin singing and I fell in love with his voice the moment he started singing! Great song from an otherwise not-so-great musical.... : )

The Phantom of the Opera/The Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera
These are two of my favorite songs from Phantom! I love this version from the 25th Anniversary Concert because Sierra and Ramin are so great together! (And Hadley isn't afraid to yell, either.... C :)

Wandering Child from Phantom of the Opera
I can't say how much I love Ramin's version of this song! No words for how much I love the way he scoops the notes.... Pure bliss! (And this version has Hadley's part [whoops, I mean Raoul...] in there, too! Also, check out Hadley's face when the men are saying "Secure!" He looks so scared!) And I love Ramin's evil laugh.... : )

Comparing Phantoms - just to prove that Ramin is one of the best Phantoms ever!! (And that last one.... Ick.)

One Day More from Les Miserables (Hey, might as well start with the best!)
Ramin is the best Enjolras I've ever heard! He comes in with a BANG! right after everyone's parts lead up to his perfectly. : )

One Day More (Encore) from Les Miserables
I love the look on Colm's face!

Bring Him Home from Les Miserables
I just found this song.... Love, love, love! : )

(If you want to find out what "never happened on the barricade," click here. Love the look on his face - HA!!)

A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables
Didn't know he sang this, did you??? (Sure beats a Certain Version I know of.... *cough, cough*)

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Miserables
Another recently-found-yet-already-in-love song!!!

And... to be completely random yet totally awesome....

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning! from Oklahoma!
(And, yes, he is playing the banjo, and, yes, that is Hadley Fraser in the matching shirt jamming out with another guitar!)

Hope you enjoyed listening to all of these Ramin Karimloo songs as much as I did!!!!


Caroline L. said...

What a great idea - a personal Ramin concert! Not that every time I get on youtube isn't a Ramin concert...aHEM.

I found some clips of Ramin playing Enjoras back in 2004. It is so neat to see him in action instead of just singing at a mic like in the 25th Les Miz concert.

Red and Black: Skip to 1:50 to avoid a crude Grantaire joke.

One Day More:


Enjoy! Thanks for hosting this concert. ;] I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Caroline - HA! Same here. : ) I always end up listening to this song, too - Sierra Boggess singing "I Have Confidence" at the BBC Proms!

Oh, my stars - those are all so good! Sighhhh.... Best Enjolras ever!! (Not happy that he wasn't cast as Enjo in the movie!) Anyway.

Thank you so much for giving me the links to those videos! I really enjoyed watching them! I also liked seeing the huge turntable on the stage! (It wasn't in the 25th Anniversary Tour production I saw.)

: D Thank you for attending! : )


Miss Melody Muffin said...

RAMIN!!!!!!!!!! Terrific idea, Eowyn!

Til I Hear You Sing is beautiful. I prefer to regard LND as nonexistent. The songs from it? They are just random songs that ALW wrote. :)

Wandering Child is currently my favorite Phantom song. Ramin, Hadley and Sierra all in the same song. How much better can it get?

LOVE One Day More!!! I just saw the full 10th anniversary concert of Les Mis yesterday, having finally finished the book on Friday. Words can't express how much I loved it!!!! I'm hoping to see the full 25th anniversary concert this coming weekend.

Even though no one will ever do Bring Him Home the way Colm Wilkinson does, I do really like Ramin's version.

Ramin's Little Fall of Rain is definitely better than you-know-who.

Empty Chairs!! Again, his version isn't my favorite, but i do like it a lot. Er, ok, I haven't heard a single song that Ramin sings that I DIDN'T like!!

The videos from the concert in Canada with he and Hadley are so much fun!! Have you seen Broken? Or Just A Closer Walk With Thee?

Thanks for the concert!!

Anonymous said...

Melody - : )

I KNOW!!! Love, love, love.... : ) Haha - good idea! Very true. I've only listened to a few, but after that (and reading the synopsis), I decided I'd stick with 'Til I Hear You Sing. : )

Sighhhhh. Love that song. : )

Yeah! Oh, awesome! How was the book? I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but I'd like to before the movie comes out. (MAJORLY excited!!) Ooh, the 25th is really good, too. Hadley and Ramin - much awesomeness there. : )

Me, too. He's amazing. : )

HA! Very true! (Hey, I think MY LFoR is better than you-know-who....) : P

I really like his Empty Chairs, though it isn't nearly as good as Max Quinlan's. : ) Ha! Me, neither!!

I know, right?! Ooh, no, I haven't seen those! Are they good?

You're so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!!