September 14, 2012

Things I'll be doing...

Watching this movie tonight - and probably bawling my head off.... I can't even tell you guys how good it is. Story-wise, better than any indie flim I've ever seen (and, yes, that includes Fireproof and Courageous and maybe even To Save a Life because adoption hits very close to home with me!). Sure, there are a few moments where you're like, "Oh, yeah... this is an indie film!" - but they were few and far between!

Reading this book in the near future... after I read the first two to refresh my memory. (It came in the mail today after I ordered it Wednesday from Amazon. I nearly shrieked and said, "Amazon Prime is so handy!!!")

Majorly excited!!!! I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!!!

And I'll be going to this next week! I can't wait for everything - fellowshipping with friends, fasting, having alone-time with God, and getting to know Him better!!!

Oh, and here's a shout-out to Arwen, the second half of this blog (that never posts... ahem!), whose birthday is Sunday! Happy Birthday, girl! : )

See you guys in a week or so!


Kiri Liz said...

Ooh! Tide of the Unmaking!!! I really want to read that!! Let me know how good it is!! I've read the first two Berinfell Prophecy books, and really enjoyed them (but I'd have to say truthfully that my favorite W. T. Batson books are the Pirate Adventures... *ahem*)! It's surprising to meet another W. T. B. fan, as most people don't know who he is... sad.

God bless!
Kiri Liz

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Happy birthday, Arwen! I hope it is a beautiful one!

Anonymous said...

Kiri Liz - You know who WTB is?! Whoa!! The WTB fans I know are few and far between!! Have you read his other books? I own all of them (sighhhhh) and love all of them, though I have to say that his Isle books are probably some of my favorites. I really liked The Sword in the Stars - did you read that? I'll let you know how it is when I read it! (Haven't quite gotten around to it, either, but anyway....)