November 6, 2012

On the Election...

After praying almost incessantly - very specifically - and listening to the radio almost as much (Sean Hannity is awesome...), I've finally reached the conclusion that whatever happens tonight is God's will and that I just need to trust Him with all of my heart.  I'd strongly encourage you guys to do the same!

Also, I'm just glad that it's almost over.  This campaign has been one of the worst in America's history, mainly because of all the lying, back-stabbing, and finger-pointing (mostly on one side, in my opinion... *cough* Obama! *cough*).  A lot of that one side's commercials have been, to say the least, immature and, considering the most recent one, almost scandelous.  (The other side, in my humble and honest opinion, has been presidential and mature and worthy of the presidency.  *cough* Romney!! *cough*  Just sayin'.)  I'm sick and tired of it and totally ready for it to be done!

And one last note on not voting....  (Before, though, if you're of age and have decided not to vote for one reason or another, I am not trying to condemn you or anything.  The last thing I'd want to do is offend you!  However, I have a very strong opinion on this, so I'd like to share it with everyone.  Please don't be offended if you've chosen not to vote!!)  I firmly believe that this is a right that we, as Americans, have that was given to us by the people that fought and died for our country.  It's not only our duty to vote, it's a freedom that was given to us at a very high price!  This is one of the most fantastic things about being an American - we have so many rights and freedoms and we take them all for granted.  And what makes my opinion even stronger is the fact that I'm missing voting by about thirty-two days....  *runs around in circles screaming bloody murder and tearing out hair*

As always, your opinion matters (*cough* just like your vote does *cough*).  Comment, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Well, I need to listen to the radio now.  (We don't get Fox News and everything else is Liberal....)

Praying that the initials of our 45th president start with MITT ROMNEY!!!!



Anonymous said...

"God's will hath no why."

No worries about neglecting my duty. I voted the day after early voting opened up here. ;)

Praying that the Lord will work in His people during these next four years.


Anonymous said...

Elinor - Good for you!! Thanks for voting. : )

I'm praying for that, too! And I also don't think it's unreasonable to pray that President Obama has an encounter with God and becomes a Christian. That would great!