November 1, 2012

Amy... Has a Plan.

First off....  Greetings, NaNo-ers!!!  Tired of writing yet?  XD
I woke up this morning and said to myself (no, I'm not crazy), "It's the first of November!  A new month!!"  Then....   "GASP.  It's the first of November."

*dramatic pause*

"NaNo."  *cue ominous music*

I really wanted to do NaNo.  Like, desperately.  I figured it was the only way I'd get Nikki and Alec's story done.  But....  *sigh*  Ever heard of this thing called Life?  (Don't think that's excuse enough?  Check this out.)  *repeats sigh*

But then, lo and behold, in my daily perusal of blogs, I found out that Amy had come up with a plan.  (A brilliant plan, mind you.)

World, say hello to...

Virtually self-explanatory.  25k words in a month.  (You stay sane and get some writing done!  How cool is that?!)  Within literally seconds - seeing the gorgeous bloggy button that Amy made helped a little, lol - I was hooked.

I think this is going to be a piece of cake for me because I did about two thirds of my Camp NaNo/The June Crusade (same goal, except in June) writing in the last two weeks.  (I think I seriously did about 37k words in two weeks.  No joke.  The reason why is a long story.)  But I won't say that because, heehee, pride goes before destruction and all that.

So.  My new writing goal this month has been set.

WARNING - There will be an abundance of writing posts this month.  Literally an abundance.  I probably won't get to any of the posts I had planned for this month, but I'll try to do some of them.  : )
I'll also probably do a few writing tips posts if any of my writing blog-readers (all three of you) are interested!  What say you?

Half NaNo-ers, UNITE!!!



Miss Dashwood said...

Yayayayayayayay Eowyn's doing Half NaNo! HOORAY!

I'm Amy Dashwood and I approve this message. :D SO glad to have you on board, m'dear!

Anonymous said...

Amy - Glad to have your approval, m'dear. : )

Haven't started writing yet... : P But I can't wait to start!!