April 1, 2013

Disney to Aquire Middle-Earth Enterprises?!

Global leader in high-quality family entertainment agrees to acquire world-renowned Middle-earth Enterprises, including THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT franchises.
Acquisition continues Disney's strategic focus on creating and monetizing the world's best branded content, innovative technology and global growth to drive long-term shareholder value.
Middle-earth Enterprises to join company's global portfolio of world class brands including Disney, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and ABC.
THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN TO MIDDLE-EARTH feature animated film targeted for release in 2016.
Read the rest at The One Ring, then comment below with your opinion.
I'll keep my personal opinion short and to the point:


Maria Elisabeth said...

That is innnteresting...

Oh, and by the way, TheOneRing.net itself has been sold to Disney for $65 million too.

Happy April Fool's Day. You see, I read that post already. :D

Naomi said...

ok..let me get this straight...this is an Aprils fools day joke?!
Please please tell me it is (: