April 27, 2013

Sir Percy Day - Part Three: Screencaps from 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'

Here are some screencaps I did of The Scarlet Pimpernel one Saturday last year.  (That was back when I actually had free time....  It seems like I'm extremely busy every single day!  Wait....  That's probably because I am extremely busy every single day....  Thus, the shortage of thought-out posts recently here on the blog.  Working on that.)
Anyway!  Enough chatter.  Behold.  Enjoy.  Use for your own amusement.  (I'd like to see a few Sir Percy-themed pictures for Sink Me! soon.)


Aaaaaand.... That's as far as I got.  (Screencapped for a whole six hours and only got this far....  Yikes.)  Maybe I'll do a Part 3 1/2 this summer and screencap the rest of the movie!  Would you guys like that?



Miss Dashwood said...

Ohmygoodness, those pictures are drool-worthy. Such high quality! I started screencapping the movie last year but since my DVD wouldn't play properly in the computer, I was screencapping from YouTube and the quality of the pictures is absolutely crummy. LOVE these-- and would love to see the rest if you do them. :D

Belle, Addy and Emma said...

Totally agree with Miss Dashwood, these are splendid. And the quality is amazing!


Miss Melody Muffin said...

*Sigh* Epicness personified!

I love Marguerite's dress in the scene with Chauvelin at Blakeney Manor.

Anonymous said...

Amy - I'm glad you like them!! I think they're pretty awesome, too. If you EVER need any, you know who to email! Also, I'll try to get the rest done. For you, m'dear. : D


Alexandra said...

LOVE THEM. Especially the Epic Rescue ones. SO HARD for some reason to get good screencaps of them. LOVE!!!

Alexandra said...

Love, love, love! The pics of the rescue scene are particularly awesome...it's SO HARD to get good pics of that scene for some reason. :)

Anonymous said...

Ally - : ) I love the Epic Rescue Scene. It's my FAVORITE!!! (Of course, I've always been partial to rescue scenes. The more explosions, the better.) : D