June 26, 2013

"Cheer up! I am still here. I have never left you, and I never will!"

If that doesn't say what this post is intended to say, I don't know what will.  : )
I've been craaaazy busy these past few weeks, but it looks like I'll have some time later this week or next to update you on my insane life, do some random blog posts, tell you guys ALL about my graduation last Saturday (had a blast!), and let you all become eternally jealous of me as I tell you about The Graduation Gift That Rivals All Graduation Gifts Past.  *nods*  Yup.
(The title quote, by the way, is from one of my favorite Gilbert and Sullivan operas, Patience.  So funny!  I like the Anthony Warlow version best.  This is one of the best scenes!)
I'll leave you all with a link to two minutes of pure epicness and a fond au revoir!!

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Katelyn said...

My turn :D I love the Sir Percy-isms!!