July 6, 2013

Letters II

Dear church family – You guys are so amazing.  I can't believe that God has blessed me with such amazing friends!  I thought that when we moved from North Carolina to Georgia that I wouldn't find anybody even remotely interested in the things I like or who have the same convictions.  Well, whatdya know, it's only been four years since moving and I can't decide whether I'm a Georgia Girl or a North Carolina Girl!  (Let's just say I'm a Southern Girl and leave it at that.)  Honestly, though....  You guys are awesome.  It makes me laugh the things we talk about sometimes....  How our conversation can change from something like The Avengers and Pride and Prejudice to some really deep topics!  I've loved getting to know you guys and I hope I'll know y'all for the rest of my life.
Dear Class of 2013 – Well, we've finally done it!!  WOOT!!  Looks like '13 is our lucky number.  ; )  Congrats to all of you wonderful, wonderful grads.  Looks like we'll finally be able to say, like Edna, "I never look back, Darling. It distracts from the now." – Edna Mode, The Incredibles.
Dear Mom and Dad – You guys are The. Best. Parents. Ever.  I now love the broken microwave to bits and pieces because, even though it has duct tape holding the handle onto it, it means that you found a way around getting a new one, which gave you the means to give me the best graduation present ever.  LOVE YOU!!!!

Dear Pixar People – Thank you for making the effort to stay family-friendly!  I had the best pre-graduation party a girl could ask for the other day when all of my friends graduating with me, plus a few other people, went to see Monsters University.  It was awesome and we enjoyed it.
Dear Richard Armitage – The other day, I saw a quote from you that said: "I don't think actors need to go on pedestals.  I don't buy it.  I think it's a weird thing.  It's like you become someone else, like stepping into another universe."  Why do you have to be so awesome?!
Dear Hardy Boys TV show from the '70's – B'HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Dear Faramir – Sighhhhh....  I don't know why people don't like you.  You're overshadowed by more handsome men, I guess....  If only people could see that it's what's inside that counts!!  If they knew that, how could they read a quote like, "I would not use the Ring.  Not if Minas Tirith were falling in ruin and I alone could save her." and NOT LIKE YOU?!  You are and forever will be my favorite character in the LOTR trilogy.
Dear Aaron Tveit – If you cut your hair out of sympathy and support for the crew member of Graceland who had cancer, I renounce all of the mean things I said about you when I first heard that you cut your hair.  If not, well....  Either way, please don't cut it that short ever again!!
Dear Unwritten Community Story – Why must you be so hard on me?  I'm trying to write you and, so far, you've failed to give me so much as a plot to go off of!  All I have is characters and a setting!!  I need more.  I have to write!  Please.  Help me.  You're my only hope.
Dear Penelope – I love you.  That is all.
Dear Blog Readers – You will all be eternally jealous of me when I say this, but....
Here's the official announcement of what The Graduation Gift To End All Graduation Gifts is.  For my graduation, I got a ton of money to spend on something "very special" from my grandparents on my dad's side, then a suitcase from my mom's mom, then a luggage tag and bag from my parents that read, 'Go Places, See Stuff.'
Well.  I opened the luggage tag and bag, read what it said aloud, and my mom asked, "Would you like to go places and see stuff?"  I could only reply, "Yeah...."  (After all, this was at midnight-thirty, after being at my grandparents' for a week, then moving rooms from upstairs to downstairs with Jellybean – WOOT! – then cleaning, then rehearsing, then graduating, then having a swing dance....pictures to follow, btw....)
Then, my dad said....
CUE EPIC MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!
"You and I are going to New York to see a Broadway Show."
Yes, it's true, dear readers!!  I'M GOING TO BROADWAY!!!  IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!!
24 days, to be exact.
So.  Yeah.  Totally excited.
What shall I be seeing, you ask?  Well.  We're going to be there two days (actually, we're going to be gone from July 30th thru August 2nd, but we're allowing two days for travel), so I said, "Hey, Dad.  We'll be there two days.  We can see two shows!!"  Muahahahahaha.....
Turns out, the Special Money To Spend On Something Very Special from my grandparents was for one of the shows, so I only have to pay for one.  WOOT!  (Third time I've said that in one blog post.  *nods*  I'm a little crazy.)
Enough with the chatter!  I'll be seeing Wicked and Cinderella.  ON BROADWAY.  Totally a dream come true.  (Time to find a new dream, eh, Flynn?)
So, yeah.  I'm more than a little excited.  Ecstatic, actually.  : )
I'll also be seeing the sights a little, which is going to be fun!  I've also gotten orders to see specific places, get souvenirs for my siblings, and call certain friends and family from Times Square.
Needless to say, there will be much NYC posting and pictures GALORE and musical gushing and randomness going on over the next month or so.  So be forewarned.
I signed up for Camp NaNo this month, but, lolz, we'll see how that goes.  We've been finishing out our basement over the last few months, and during the past week, I've done more painting, grouting, and back-breaking than I've done in my LIFE.  My fingers, fingernails, arms, legs, face, and hair has so much paint in it....  Insane.  *rolls eyes*  But I'm having fun.  Having to charge up my little 2gig shuffle every night so I can listen to the Little Women musical every day while I work.  Fun!  : )  Anyway, that's what I've been doing.  Lack of posting flows out of that.  Terribly sorry!  Howevs.  I know my friends will get tired of me talking about my EPIC TRIP!!! so often, so I'll be posting about it on here.  A LOT.
So I guess I'll see you guys later.  : D


Katelyn said...

Yes, I stalk :D

I LOVE the Richard Armitage quote!!!!
And you're not the only one who likes Faramir-I have loved/pitied him since reading the books many, many years ago....

TWO Broadway shows!! That is not fair at all: But I know you'll enjoy it :D Lots of pictures and detailed conversations will be required when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Katelyn - Stalk as much as you like, m'dear. : D

I KNOW, RIGHT??? He's so awesome. : )

YAY! Another Faramir fan - high five! He's SO awesome.

Yesssss, precioussssss..... SOOOO excited!!! : D Oh, my stars, totally. You'll get pictures and conversations GALORE. : D


Anonymous said...

You KNOW I'm already excited for you, but reading this made me even more so!! So happy that you'll have this awesome adventure! :D Every time I think of it, Little Women and Jo pops into my mind lol :). 2 days would be wayyy too short of a time to fall in love though, so please don't come back on the brink of engagement! All that to say...WILL YOU CALL ME FROM TIME'S SQUARE? PLEASE?? :D And, *coughing* I must express the slightest disappointment at there not being a single Jellybean pic in this entire post *sigh*. So much sadness...I guess I'll just have to come see her ;)Sorry for this long rambling comment, what I really wanted to say was: Congratulations again! See you soon, friend!! :D ~H

Anonymous said...

Haley, Haley, Haley.... There is no such thing as a comment that is too long. Never think that!!!

I KNOW, RIGHT?! EIGHT DAYS MORE!!!!!!! Same here. It's definitely going to be an adventure! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Don't worry, I won't do that. : ) YES!!! I'll call you sometime, at least. I did a JellyBean POST, dear.... Just for you. : ) Thanks!!!