January 21, 2012

Hello Again!

It's been a while since I posted last. Whoops! I've been busy with a lot of things - particularly school. I've been doing a lot of new subjects this year (including learning Greek as my second language and a writing curriculum called 'One Year Adventure Novel' that I adore!), but I won't tell you about all of my school woes, such as the 16-page history test I had to do today or how I had to re-do two math lessons.

Instead, let me tell you a conversation I had with my adorable little brother the other day. I was pretending to be asleep and Arwen was asking me a question. My little brother had to serve as a sort of middle man - Arwen would ask him a question, then he'd ask me, I'd answer, and he'd tell her what I said (usually...). It was late at night and I was bored, tired, and going insane from lack of sugar (I've been off it for about two weeks now... ugh!), so I decided to have fun with them. : ) The conversation went something like this.

Arwen - Can I have some of your strawberry shortcake? Hello...?
Little brother - She sleepin'.
Me - Uh, huh.
A - Well, ask her if I can have some strawberries.
LB - Strawbusies?
A - Yes.
LB - 'Kay. Can she have some?
Me - Have some what?
LB - Strawbusies.
Me - Yes.
LB - (to Arwen) She said yes.
A - Ask her how many.
LB - How many?
Me - How many what?
LB - Uh... strawbusies.
Me - She can have as many as she wants.
LB - (Putting up his little finger and accenting each word with it) She say only one, then that bees it.
A - I don't think that's what she said. Ask her about the shortcake. How many little cakes can I have?
LB - Who many can she have?
Me - (Laughing - he usually mixes up words like that and says, "Where are her?" instead of "Where is she?") Who many what?
LB - (Struggling to find the word) Who many... Georgia Techs? (I promise, that's exactly what he said!!)
Me - You mean 'shortcakes'?
LB - (Nods his head, then turns to Arwen with my answer) She say no more. It dark-time - nigh-nigh time.
Me - That's not what I said! She can have as many as she wants.
LB - She say yes.

Isn't he adorable?! (Please say yes so I know it's not just me!)


Miss Dashwood said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Your brother is screamingly adorable! I laughed myself silly reading this---how cute!! How old is he?

The Elliotts said...

Is he not PRECIOUS?! I love him to death! He's going to be three in May, which shocks people because they assume he's older than he really is because he's so smart!


Eowyn said...

THIS IS SOOOOO Funny! I was on the interwebs looking for a recent picture of our family (inklings press is so much better at updating its webblog) and ran across this post. SOOO funny! I can hear him saying all this and I laughed until I cried!!! Thanks for enriching the webosphere with our favorite little 3 year old!