January 25, 2012

Random Silliness...

I came across this blog post a while ago and nearly laughed my head off. Being a huge fan of The Scarlet Pimpernel and Sir Percy in particular, I decided to share it with you guys. Enjoy!

"When you connect an iDevice to your iTunes account, you have to give it a name. Well, my iPod has always been called "[Miss Dashwood]'s iPod" on my iTunes account, but today I decided to rename it. I've heard of people calling their iPods "Titanic", so that the pop-up message says "syncing Titanic". I always thought that was a little morbid, but a much funnier idea occurred to me today.

My iPod is now called "Sir Percy Blakeney," and my little pop-up message now tells me that iTunes is "syncing Sir Percy Blakeney."

Yes, I am far too easily amused, what?"

- Miss Dashwood, Yet Another Period Drama Blog


Miss Dashwood said...

Heeheehee, I'm glad this amused you too! I don't mind you quoting me at all, since you linked to me--thanks for doing so!
What fun to find another Scarlet Pimpernel fan. I used to think we were a rare breed but ever since I entered the blogging world I've been proven wrong (and quite nicely too)!

The Elliotts said...

Hey, Miss Dashwood!

I'm honored that you'd comment! : ) Thanks! (And thanks for not getting mad that I quoted you without permission!)

Yeah, I thought that SP fans were rare, too. But since I've been reading The Daydream blog, I've seen that they aren't, which I'm SOO glad! 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' is one of those lesser-known gems that should be talked about WAAAY more!

Thanks again for commenting! (I love comments...)