March 26, 2012

Birthday Party!

Yes, a birthday party means pictures! Hope you don't mind.... : )

We celebrated my younger brother's birthday a few days after his actual birthday and had a few of his friends over for a pretty awesome airsoft gun fight. (I got almost addicted to airsoft last summer... Needless to say, I had a blast!) After that, we played Capture the Flag, and that was equally fun, complete with some amazing rescues (and attempts)!

We got these little trays a few years ago and they've come in very handy for parties! (We've tried to guess what else we can spell with them, too: pray, tray, part, tarp....)

Birthday boy and some of his friends (and my little brother showing off his gun!)

Here he is again with the gun. He's become a huge fan of Roy Rogers over the past few months, which makes me SO happy. (I'm a big fan, too. I even have a picture of Roy and Dale in my room. LOL!)

We had an awesome airsoft fight, even if we all looked dorky in the glasses!

Happy Birthday sign made out of camouflage wrapping paper!

Me, a friend, and Arwen (hehehe - that was the only "camo" shirt I had... whatever...)

Friend and adorable little brother!

Arwen made up a SWEET (in every sense of the word) ice cream cake. Here's how it stacked up: cookie layer, vanilla ice cream, cookie layer, vanilla ice cream, then drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter and topped with mini Reeses cups. YUM!!

Close-up of the top... Yes, it was delicious.

Arwen also though that the ice cream cake wouldn't be enough, so she made two dozen cupcakes. We still have leftovers of each!

Now, no picture post would be complete without pictures of my little brother. *sigh* Isn't he adorable?!

Studying his gun... He wanted some eye protection, too, even though we were in the back yard by now. : )

And the cowboy boots complete the look!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! A special thanks to my good friend for taking a few of them, then to Arwen for the (very cute) pictures of my little brother!


PS: (You can do PSes in a blog post - they're not just strictly for letters or emails. I've done it before and I'll probably do it again... lol!) Arwen and I went to an AMAZING movie last night. (Hint: It was not called The Hunger Games.) My next blog post will be about it and how much we loved it!

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Please send me the recipe for that cake!