March 3, 2012

Skeeting!! : )

No, we didn't go skeet-shooting, we went skiing. That's just my little brother's word for what we did.... : ) We had an absolute blast - partially because it was just so much fun, and partially because we planned a surprise for our friends on the second day of skiing... wow, that was fun! Anyway, here are a few pictures! I think I took about two hundred picture total... in three days. Yeah, I'm not much of a skier, but I loved taking pictures! : )

My little brother and his new friend... such sweetie pies!

I was really surprised when I'd heard that this little girl had gone all the way to the top of the mountain a few times and down the black diamond (for all you non-skiers, that's the hardest run)... and this is only her second time skiing.

The gorgeous view from the freestyle run!

He actually got some air!!

My adorable little brother 'skeeting.' He did such a good job!

Asking where they were going and if they could go faster... : )

This was the surprise... on Friday, a few friends from NC came to ski with us!

"Look at my awesome, first-time snowboarding abilities!"

Ouch.... This one was literally seconds after the previous picture. lol!

We had such a blast and decided that we'd make it a tradition. Can't wait for next year!!



Anonymous said...

Yay! Pictures!!! Looks like y'all had a blast:D ...can't believe you didn't post ALL of the pics though. Sadness.:P

The Elliotts said...

Glad you enjoyed them! Silly Haley... I took about 100 pictures! I'm sure you wouldn't want to see a HUNDERED pictures, now would you? lol. If you want, I can show you ALL of them when I see you next, okay? : )


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?? Of course I want to see a HUNDERED pictures! Yes! I will want to see ALL of them! Silly Eowyn :)