August 16, 2013

i <3 fridays

(Random Fact About Eowyn:  I didn't find out that the texting symbol "<3" meant a heart until about a month ago.  I always thought it was kissing lips, so I never used it.  [Doesn't it look like puckering lips?!])
I love Fridays.  They are, without a doubt, my favorite day of the week, with Sundays coming in as a close second.
Fridays are awesome.  They're the end of something awful (the school week – ick) and the promise of something awesome (THE WEEKEND!!  WOOT!!!).
On Fridays, I usually have more patience with my schoolwork.  More resolve to Get. It. Done. so that I can move on to the three days of freedom ahead of me.
Every Friday, we hold our annual Friday Family Fun Night – chock full of movies, popcorn, ice cream, and laughter.  I love it to death.  Recently, however, Mom and Dad have been going to their Growing Kids God's Way class on Friday nights, so Friday now means Friday Sibling Awesome PAR-TAY!!! Night.  : )
Today, I took a holiday from school.  (For multiple reasons, the chief of which being the fact that I was supposed to take a CLEP test today, but it didn't work out, so I'm taking a break from studying so hard and enjoying some me-time.)  Today, I'm working on my new novel while listening to Josh Groban.  (I have all of his albums except the Christmas one, so it's a long playlist.  PERFECT for writing.)
I haven't written anything in SO. LONG, so it's really, really nice to be writing again.  The novel is coming along well.  It's extremely character-driven (much like Cranford, except a lot less death.... *cough*), so it's a bit of a challenge, but I'm enjoying it.  : )  Plus, I've got an amazing cast of actors backing me up by letting me use their faces for my characters, so that's awesome.  We're talking Aaron Tveit (I've finally found a character worthy of him!), Eddie Redmayne, a very young Debbie Reynolds, Kiera Knightley, Ashley Clements, and I think Liam Hemsworth just stepped in to star as Aaron's character's older brother.  It's coming along great.  : )
Well, I think Josh is calling me back.  ('Hush now, baby, don't you cry....  Rest your wings, my butterfly.  Peace will come to you in time, and I will sing this lullaby.  Know, though, I must leave, my child, but I would stay here by your side...  And if you wake before I'm gone, remember this sweet lullaby....'  Sighhhh....  Yups.)  I'll leave y'all with a paragraph I just finished.
"He had that sort of boyish charm that she had always liked, but there was something different this time – something that made this boy different from all of the other boys she'd ever met. He wore shorts, a green t-shirt with an half-buttoned, checkered button-up shirt over it with the sleeves rolled up, and a brown baseball cap. His face was ordinary, with ordinary freckles peppered all over his face, and reddish-brown hair peeked out from under the cap. What struck Lou, however, were his eyes. They were a mixture of brown and green, and they delved deep into Lou's soul. Within moments, she knew that her life would never be the same. She was in love."


Alexandra said...

Aaron Tveit casting epidemic going on right now. :P Loved this post!!! (And I want to read this, just sayin'...)

Anonymous said...

Ally - Heehee.... Yes! *fistpump* (And we have to do a lot of *cough* "research" to be able to write the things, RIGHT?!) The sad thing is that I think his character is going to be killed off. : ( Anywhoz. Still deciding. I'll definitely be sending it around for critiques. At the rate it's going.... Ask me about it again in about three years. : P


Katelyn said...

Oh, how you make me laugh!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

You found a character for Aaron Tveit? Must be good...;)
And about the dying thing- Aaron did play Enjo, so, you know...he's used to it. :D
I love the snippets- please post more if you can! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate - Heehee..... Glad to! : )

Miss Bennet - Yes!! I haven't written him in yet, but he's coming and he's going to be AWESOME. One of those amazing guys that the main characters can look up to. (Before he dies, that is.... *sniff*) And, yeah, I know he's used to it.... But it'll still make me cry!! : D I'll try!