August 28, 2013

"life goes on...."

Wellsies.  How have y'all been?  My life has been just a little short of crazy lately, but still pretty awesome.  : )
I did a photo shoot of this little cutie pie the other day.  Care to see more?
Lately, I've been studying for my first CLEP test with CollegePlus - Analyzing and Interpreting Literature.  I've been studying for it for literally months - partially because I could never get it scheduled, partially because I had to take a month off so we could work on our basement (it looks FAB!!), and partially just cuz.  Life, y'all.

Anywhoz, I fiiiiiiinally took it today.  And I PASSED!!  WOOT!!!  I am now in BEACH MODE.  We're leaving on Monday, and I'm sooooo excited.  I got a million books at the library, so, combined with a few I'm re-reading (or, in the case of The Living Room by Robert Whitlow, bought about a month ago, but haven't been able to read yet cuz of school), I'm going to have a LOT of fun.  We're also planning several movie marathons - ALL of the Lord of the Rings movies (extended, of course), plus a few new ones, including Patriot Games, starring Harrison Ford and Sean Bean.  Can't wait!  We've been listening to the soundtrack for several months now, and if the movie is anything like the soundtrack, it's going to be AWESOME.

During my vacation at the beach, I'm hopefully going to have a lot of time to blog, so you should see at least two NYC-related posts next week.  One will be for Day Two, and one is... well, that's for me to know and you to find out.  : )

As I type this, I'm half-watching Melody Time.  I was doing research for my new novel (eep... so excited about the way it's heading!), and found out that it came out in 1948, which is the year the novel starts in.  I needed a movie for two main characters to go see, and picked Melody Time.  Remembering it was in our collection of movies in the newly-finished basement, I took it upstairs and have tried to watch it for a while now.  So far, Nut-Nut is enjoying it.  As the opening credits rolled, I found out that Roy Rogers is in it!  YAY!!  Can't wait to hear him!

Speaking of my new novel....  : )  I'm really enjoying doing research for it.  It's so much fun to watch movies, find pictures of people dressed in just the cutest outfits, and listen to music - all set in the late 40's.  I enjoyed researching ice dancing for Becoming Nikki, but I think researching for this novel is going to be even more fun!!  A lot of Arwen's favorite singers and actors were alive and in movies during this time period - Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, etc - so she's more than happy to watch and listen along with me.  : )

I've also found a lot of blogs lately that I'm really enjoying reading!  However, if you guys know of any writer blogs that you've enjoyed reading, I'd love to hear about them!  I can always use more inspiration.  : )

Ooh.  Nearly forgot.  My sister, Arwen, is turning twenty in September (sooooo oooold....), and, after much deliberation, has decided to have a Jane Austen Murder Mystery Tea Party.  *nods*  It's true.  She's inviting about fifteen people, but there are only ten characters, so she had some trouble deciding who should be who for a while.  We've got it all sorted out now, though.  Can't wait to tell you guys how it goes!  I'm playing Mrs. Bennet.....  So that'll be interesting......  *wink*  There's also Mr. Bennet (duuuuuuh), Lizzie, Darcy, Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine de Bourgh (who Arwen is portraying, cuz she's the host), Emma Woodhouse, Frank Churchill (heehee...), Marianne Dashwood, and Willoughby (heehee.....).  Everybody is going to be dressed up in period attire, so it's definitely going to be interesting.  I can post pictures, if you want!

I've also been listening to a lot of great music on YouTube lately - studying, y'all, studying - but I don't think I'll post any cuz I have a little something in the works.  : )  It's been interesting trying to find videos the actors who were in the musicals I saw on Broadway.  I found out that the annual Broadway in Bryant Park show was the week after I was there....  Figures....  *sniff*  With each video I watch from it, though, I'm like, "I WAS THERE!!!"  : )

Well, I think that's all I wanted to talk about.  I should have called this another Random Post, but I like the title I have.  Cuz it's from this song.

(Speaking of!!  I heard Aaron's character, Mike, got shot in one of the latest Graceland episodes!!  Noooooooo!!  Is he okay?  People who have seen it, PLEASE TELL ME HE'S OKAY!!)

I guess that's it.  I'll tell y'all a random quote that's been making me laugh for the past few weeks (thanks, Kate!), and let you go back to your normal lives.

"You illiterate twit!"
"I am not illiterate!  My parents were married!!!"



Miss Jane Bennet said...

I just added Melody Time to my list of movies to watch...where will I find time to watch them all??

A Jane Austen Murder Mystery Tea Party? I want one! Maybe on my next birthday...? Happy early B-Day to your sister, though! :)

Are there any writing blogs you'd particularly recommend? I'm searching for some and not having much luck. :(

SQUEAL!!!!! It's AARON TVEIT!!! (I'm a fangirl, we don't do 'calm.' :D)

Nooooooo! Mike got shot?! I can't watch the show, but I follow it through the news...does he at least get some AWD? Please?????

Heehee, love that quote! I also love random posts...

Great post! :)

Anna Grace said...

Awww!! She's so cute!! :D Congrats on passing the test! I want to see more pictures from NYC! It's a place I really wanna go to someday... :)

Have you been watching Graceland? I'm behind two episodes but yes - Mikey was shot in the arm. I like his character so much better in this than in Les Mis.....but then again, he did pull of Enjo perfectly.

Ooh! A LOTR marathon?? Awesome! My youth group did that at one of the girls' house last January. It was right after we all saw The Hobbit. We watched the extended movies and, taking 6 brakes {after each film and during the half-way point} each about 20 - 30 minutes long, we started it at 9 in the morning and we all left to go home around 9:30 at night. By the end, since we watched them back-to-back we were so into it that we "awwed" when Aragorn knelt before the four hobbits and clapped when Sam went to talk to Rosie at the end. I don't think I have gotten so into the film in a few years. :D Anyway!

Have talked to you in a while - how goes life?

Katelyn said...

YES!! More pictures of Jellybean :D

Can't wait for the party! I have a story to tell you about my dress.....

So, you now have the quote stuck in your head? Heeeheee....

Alexandra said...

Not shot, dearie...STABBED. It was EPIC. I can send a clip if you really want to see. IT WAS SO MUCH EPICNESSOHMYGOSHIWASJUSTLIKESQUEEEEEEEE. Aaron is great at Amazing Wounded Distress, by the way. :D

"...things will be okayyyy...."

Alexandra said...

Oh, and he's fine...for now. I can't say whether or not he'll be fine later...but he is now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss Bennet - Yay! It's a good movie. : ) Haha, yes, that seems to be my problem, too! : D

YES!! It's going to be sooo awesome. There's some minor "stuffs" in the script, though, so she's editing it out a little. Just FYI - if you get it. I'll probably post the website on the post about the party!

Hummm, good question!!! Mind if I do a post about it??? I'm thinking about doing a blog series spotlighting (and hopefully interviewing!) authors I know. What do you think?

YES!!!!!!! : D

I knoooooow..... SO SAD! I'm technically "allowed" to watch the show, but my dad has to preview each episode.... I have yet to see an episode.... So I know how you feel!! : ( I've seen pictures, and, YES, he does some pretty amazing AWD. : D

Random posts seem to be my forte. : P Thanks!!

Anna Grace - Hello again!! ; )

I KNOW, RIGHT??? Except at 2am.... I got five hours of sleep last night.... zzzzzz..... Thanks!! I'm planning on doing at least three more posts on NYC, so watch for them! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! Definitely a highlight of my life. : )

No.... (See the above, in my reply to Miss Bennet.) SO SAD!! Ooooohhhhh.... I need to watch it!!!

YES!! Wow, that sounds so awesome!!! I think that's how it'll be with us. : )

I know! : ) Pretty good! Learning and growing and having my comfort zone stretched every day. : D What about you???

Kate - Isn't she the cutest?!

I KNOW!! : D And your story was... intense. : ) Let's hope the dresses get there on time!!

Haha, yes..... : D

Ally - NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YESYESYES!! Send me a link posthaste!! And that's so awesome. I mean, what's an actor worth if he's not good at AWD?!

*sniff* It's George's song. : )

Awww.... Good! : )


Miss Jane Bennet said...

This is me subscribing to future comments 'cause I want Alexandra's link too. :D