March 7, 2011

Florida Trip- Day Four

Day Four was great, even though it was the last day. We woke up late (about 8:45) and were checked-out of our hotel by ten. After a hearty breakfast (eggs, big pieces of ham, and biscuits!) with our grandparents, we drove back to Savannah and ate a big lunch at Denny's with another one of Mom's friends. Then, we stopped at Target. My younger brother and sister have gotten almost addicted to this Pirates game with their friends and apparently the company has gone out of business, so they wanted to buy all the packs of the games they could find. Since they already cleaned out our Target, they wanted to see if a few Florida and Southern Georgia Targets did. Throughout the entire trip, we stopped at 3 different Targets and they found four packs. Rolling my eyes, I split a tall Java Chip from Starbucks with Mom. For future reference, don't get the tall, get the vente size. It's nearly double the tall and only a dollar more. : )

After a very uneventful five hours, we made it back to my other grandparents house. Grandma was watching the 25th Anniversary edition of her all-time favorite musical, Les Miserables, so we watched about an hour of it while we half-ate our dinner. (It was so awesome!!) Then, we packed up our dog and drove back home.

Our trip is officially over! Now a break, then next week we're off to NC for a friend's wedding!



Courtney said...

Last night, we saw the very end of it when we got back from church. We also saw the encore! That was amazing! I haven't ever even seen the whole thing through before(I've only heard certain of the songs by themselves) but I still like it!

Anonymous said...

I loved getting to hear about your trip! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


The Elliotts said...

I've seen the whole 10th Anniversary one, but there are some songs... We bought the 10th Anniversary one, but only listen to about three-fourths of the album. I don't know which song is my favorite- they're all so good! : )