March 4, 2011

Florida Trip- Day Two

“If you're on holiday,” a British announcer says, “the only place to stay is Holiday Inn. And not just any Holiday Inn- the Holiday Inn Express. You might have to go down an exit, but it will be worth it! We're conveniently located right off the exit. The only thing that should hinder your speedy arrival in your room is the fact that it's located right in the middle of about eighteen other hotels. That's right! And if you miss the entrance to the hotel, don't worry! There isn't any other entrance, but you'll be able to spend a few minutes traveling a scenic route while you find somewhere to turn around.”

I should be a commercial writer... : ) (The above actually happened, by the way. I was just too tired to write it out last night.) This morning, after a yummy breakfast and a few minutes of a really dumb television show, we headed off to visit Savannah! (Yes, I actually know where we are now! Or rather, where we were.) We ate at a delicious restaurant called Spanky's with an old friend of Mom's.

After traversing River Street and not only window-shopping but actually buying something from a candy store, we visited a small park-like area where Spanish moss covered the trees. Gorgeous!

A few minutes after I finished taking my fill of pictures, we left to visit another one of Mom's friends. We had a very interesting conversation! Also, Mom's friend's dad had a great quote that I really like that he made up. He always used to say 'When women start losing their charm, they show their nakedness.' What do you readers think about that? (Comment!)
While everyone was showing Mom's friend pictures of our little brother (after telling the story for the third time in two days, I'm like, “You know, this is an awesome story and I love it, but it's getting a tad boring!”), I ducked outside into her little patio and took a few pictures of flowers. Aren't they beautiful? I just love Savannah, especially when the azaleas are blooming!

I spent my time in the car ride from Savannah to our grandparent's apartment working on a short story I had promised a few friends. This time, an Airhead was my incentive to get a lot done. Delicious! I didn't get much done, but I did get past a huge hurdle in the plot. It should be easier for me to get some done next time. : )

When we finally got past the Florida state line, it was already about 6:30. We met our grandparents at a really yummy pizza place. (By the way, never try to watch a movie you've never seen before that you've wanted to see at a restaurant. Especially if it's, say, Journey to the Center of the Earth and has an amazingly complicated plot line. There was no sound! So Arwen and I were watching it and we were like, “Oh, I think that was a good thing. See? They're smiling! Uh, oh. That wasn't good. What's his name? It's something with a long A or O in it. What is that guy's relation to the little guy? How old is the girl? What's going on?!” Just trust me on this one- it's not a good idea.) Now we're at our hotel room and everyone is watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives- one of Arwen's favorite Food Network shows.

See you tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

That comment by your Mom's friend's dad (love the long title) :) was pretty accurate and correct, sad to say.

I love the posts! Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

The Spanish moss was beautiful, too!