March 5, 2011

Florida Trip- Day Three

Today- whew! We did SO much... or maybe it just feels like that. : ) This morning, I woke up, looked over to where Arwen was supposed to be and was staring at a snoring Sherriff Potbelly. (My adorable little brother in his Woody pajamas.) No clue how he got there! After a wonderful breakfast at our hotel, we drove the few minutes to the house my grandparents are renting while my grandfather gets treatment for his prostate cancer. After spending about an hour just talking, we headed off to the zoo. Wow! They had SO much there- so much, in fact, that I took nearly 150 pictures. (Don't worry, I spared you guys a lot of time and selected the best.) I seriously deleted almost every fourth one because I was worried I wouldn't have enough space. (Arwen kept on saying, "We're here to see the animals! Stop taking pictures of the flowers!" Sorry, I couldn't help it. Those flowers were just so beautiful... Spring might just be my favorite season!) The baby zebra was so cute!

A zookeeper was at the elephant exibit and he had a bucket of 'treats' for the elephants. Every few minutes, he'd get an elephant to do a trick like sitting or waving! It was so cool!

This elephant would wave her snout at you. My little brother loved it!

Speaking of the little guy, he basically enjoyed the entire zoo.
Here are some of my favorite flower pictures.

And probably my absolute favorite flower picture... a beautiful flowering tree with Spanish moss hanging on it! I nearly fainted when I saw it! (Well, not really, but it was pretty enough!)
About halfway through the zoo, we all were about to pass out. It wasn't hot or anything, but we were all so tired! We all wanted to copy my little brother.
Right now, Granny, Mom, Arwen, and my two younger brothers are out shopping somewhere. We ate an early dinner and are planning to watch an old Jimmy Stewart movie tonight- The Shop Around the Corner. I haven't seen it yet but am really looking forward to it!

I actually forgot to post about something that happened the first day, so I'll end today's post with a funny thing that happened. We usually don't get comments like this very often, so when we do, we like to share it! Day one, when Dad was at his meeting and we were all at Target, I was pushing my little brother in the cart by this little African-America boy that couldn't have been four years old. He took one look at me and the cutie pie in the cart and said to his mom, "They got the wrong baby!" Ha, ha!!Wouldn't give up my 'wrong' little brother for anything!

(P.S. I took a break writing this post to watch the movie, The Shop Around the Corner. Wow... it was SO good. Loved it!! You'll like it too, if you like classics that don't have anything objectionable in them except romance- though it was the clean, 1930s Hollywood-style romance. This movie was also the inspiration for the more modern movie, You've Got Mail.)


Courtney said...

I LOVE "The Shop Around the Corner". That movie is so good! My favorite character is Peppy! =D

Anonymous said...

Peppy was funny! I liked his high voice.