March 3, 2011

Florida Trip- Day One

Greetings from Somewhere, Georgia! : ) I really don't know where we are- I didn't know much about this trip until yesterday.

This morning, after a fun babysitting job, we all headed off to visit our grandparents in Florida. We drove for a few hours, dropped our dog off at our (other) grandparent's house, and stopped somewhere so that Dad could do something with his job. There were a lot of really interesting-looking buildings nearby.

We window-shopped at Target while Dad was in his meeting and then headed off to our destination- here in Somewhere, Georgia.

The trip itself was actually pretty nice! I literally spent the entire time working over one of my books I'm writing. There were a few parts that I needed to fix, then I read the entire thing (all 60 pages), all the while going through and changing little things.

The above was my workspace for the ride down. This, plus a Dr. Pepper and the Awakening CD... sheer bliss. Especially after not having time to write for so long! The David Crowder song How He Loves brought back many awesome TeenPact memories...

Fast-forward to I don't even know how many hours later. (Time sure does fly when you're having fun!) We stopped at Zaxby's for dinner, then another two hours later we stopped and visited some friends that we hadn't seen in quite a few years. Now, we're at our hotel and I can't wait to get some much-needed sleep! (Speaking of hotels, you would not believe how many hotels there were on this exit! I could count nearly a dozen before we had gotten about a half a mile off the highway! Crazy, right?)

I think I'll post tomorrow... if I don't forget. : )


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