April 26, 2012

Guess what?!

So, guess what, y'all?!

Apparently, I'd been looking on, like, the London cast for Les Miserables - that's when I thought we had Hadley Fraser for our Javert.  Today, I clicked over to the US Tour cast to see how to spell Enjolras for a comment on a blog...

And guess what I found out?!

While we don't have Hadley Fraser as Javert (major bummer right there), our Javert is Andrew Varela!  He played the auctioneer in the first (and, thus far, only) production of Phantom of the Opera my sister and I saw.  However, since it was a matinee, the Phantom wasn't the Phantom - I guess he was taking a break or something.  (We were supposed to have Tim Martin-Gleeson.  Wouldn't that have been amazing?!)  So Andrew Varela played our Phantom.  And he was AMAZING!  I've been wanting to see him in something again and now I have the chance!

So, while we don't have Hadley Fraser, I'm as happy as I was before because we have Andrew Varela now.  Funny how that works....

And.... it's only two more days.  : )  I'm so excited, I'll bust!

On a completely different note....

My sisters were watching the 1986 version of Mansfield Park today and said that Anthony Dewhurst (Tony, my personal favorite League guy) was Tom Bertram.  They rewound it (cuz it was one of those old-fashioned VHS things... that we still own... odd, that!) and I almost screamed.  Well, I actually did scream.  "Oh, my WORD!  It's TONY!"  Then he said something and I screamed again.  : )

That's when you know you're a TSP fan.  Oh, and when Sir Percy comes up in your morning family devotions as an example for dependability (as opposed to inconsistency)....  Yup, happened just today.  : )



Alexandra said...

OMS, that's so awesome. And NO FAIR that you've seen Phantom live. Sheeeeesh. :-D

And LOLOL about TSP! I just rented that version of MP from the library...now I'm really motivated to see it. :-D

And Percy in family devotions? Methinks I like your family lots. :-P

Miss Dashwood said...


Okay, I'll stop screaming.

Seriously, though, girl, you better blog about this. PLEASE, please, please.

Have a simply awesome time and look down and remember the beggars at your feet who didn't get a chance to see Les Miz live... so please blog about it!!!! (Hmm, that was a ridiculous paraphrase there... ignore it. :P)

The Elliotts said...

Alexandra - *sigh* I just talked to a friend on the phone for an HOUR about Les Miz. *sigh again* Wow, it was AMAZING!!! Truly deserving of the word EPIC!!! And Phantom live doesn't really count... It was YEARS ago and before I was a *real* Phantom phan. : )

I seriously almost started jumping up and down. But he's a drunk in MP! I was like, "NOOOOOOO!" My sister said, "Look, it's not Tony; just the same actor! Get over it!" Then, and only then, did I calm down. : ) I haven't seen the whole thing in forever. The camera work isn't that great, though... Just sayin'.

Yup, Percy is very much a part of my life right now. : )

Miss Dashwood - HA!! You made me laugh. Oh, don't worry - like I'd go see an amazing show like LES MISERABLES and NOT BLOG ABOUT IT!!! : ) Hehehe... I'm trying to figure out just how many posts I can do without you guys getting bored... : P

I had an amazing time... Especially at the end. When I met the actors. (AHHHH!!!!) Still trying to get over it. : ) "The beggars at your feet who didn't get a chance to see Les Miz live" - HA!!! Nice. Don't worry. I will most certainly blog about it!!!!

Thanks for commenting!!