April 24, 2012

Randomness... Again!

Okay, so guess what, peoples?!

I was wrong about the whole Hadley-Fraser-as-Javert thing.

Well, I technically wasn't wrong...  He's still Javert, but at the Royal Theatre in, ahem, London.  I'm going to see it at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  So, while he is Javert, he's not "my" Javert.

Sad, no?

Sink me, I was mons'trous displeased when I found out!  (Hehehe - then a really big *facepalm* moment!  I was like, "Duh!  Silly old me...")  Talk about being bummed out!  : P


I'm still going to see Les Miserables, though.  And I'm still... so... excited!  I can hardly stand it!  This past weekend has just whooshed by, so I'm hoping the next three days will go by as fast as this past weekend has.  : )

Just thought I'd let you guys know that.  : D  Anywhos, I haven't heard the results from my piano competition yet, either.  Still waiting....  And waiting for this weekend....  *screams*

Okay, I need to go calm down now.

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