April 17, 2012

Yet Another Post On My Adorable Little Brother...

: ) I'm sorry... I just can't resist. He's too cute!

The other day, he started singing this:

Old McDonald's
Had a little farm
G.I., G.I., G.I., G.I., Joooooooooe!

He's started quoting Mulan, probably because my other brother and I watched it with some kids we were babysitting. Not the next day, he started grabbing our shirts and saying, "You took my victory away!!" And today, he pointed his sword at me and said, "Bow to me!" (Never fear, it was a plastic replica of Prince Caspian's sword!)

Also, he's started singing "Do, Re, Mi," which is from another one of his favorite movies. We're so proud! Raising that child right with The Sound of Music (what he calls Maria) and Singin' in the Rain!

(An older picture, but still a cute one!)



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the updates on cute little NK! Thank you!

The Elliotts said...

You're welcome! I wonder if I post on him too much.... : P This blog is more of a fan site for him! HA!!