October 15, 2012

Five Reasons Why I'm Not Doing NaNo....

I've finally decided not to do NaNo this year....
Here are the five main reasons.
1) School.  Need I say more?  That, plus the fact that I'm a Senior (WOOT!), does not equal lots of free time to do NaNo this year.
2) I have no earthly clue as to which of my many novels to write.  It'd be waaay too hard to pick between all of them, anyway.....
3) Time and my lack of it.  (See #1.)  Also, I'm doing a lot of university orchestra concerts - and a violin studio concert - at the end of November.  Literally seven in two weeks.  No joke.  (Here's a heads up - there will be a scarcity of posting in those two weeks.  Like now....  Heehee....)  Also, I'm doing a big piano competition in January that I really need to get ready for.  I got to State last year - yahoo! - and I would dearly love to see how far I could get this year.
4) I did Camp NaNo back in June and started late because of the SAT the Saturday after it started.  I'm taking the SAT on December first this year - at the end of November.  It'd be crazy for me to have SAT stuff, plus writing again.  Not to mention weird and Déjà vu!!
5) I want to stay sane.
These are my reasons for not doing NaNo.  It does not mean that I won't be working on my June Crusade novel - at least.  I'm so close to the end I can smell it.  Really sad, but I'm looking forward to writing the big surprise climax at the end!  (Well, that... and a little surprise I have for you guys.)
What about you guys?  Am I the only writer on the planet who isn't doing NaNo?  If there's one person who isn't doing NaNo, please comment.  We'll stay sane together.  (And get school done along the way, thus not be ix-nayed from our parents' wills.  And....  Yeah.)

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