October 30, 2012

Lately On the News....

"It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was [once] a slice of Americana. … [But] the show is riddled with the kids calling each other stupid, dumb, and blockheads. There is continuous teasing and bullying. Charlie Brown is supposed to be the hero, instead he is kicked and demeaned at every turn. … Time marches on, opinions and attitudes evolve and change. Some things are better left in the past, it's time for new classics. New themes and specials for a modern holiday. When It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on tv this week or next, skip it."  - Buzz Bishop, Babble.com.
Well, yeah, but... isn't that why we like Charlie Brown?  The fact that, despite everything that goes wrong, he still picks himself up and tries again?!  True, it's mean that his friends call him "blockhead," but we can't forget the part in A Charlie Brown Christmas where everybody fixes his pitiful tree and sticks up for him, singing "O, Little Town of Bethlehem," now can we?
Also on the news:  Just a small footnote....  Disney buys Lucasfilm.  (Being the exact opposite of a Warsie, I wouldn't care tuppence.  I'm just excited about more movies because of the awesome special effects!!)
(And oh, yeah.  Please accept my pre-apologies for the possible shortage of blogging this week.  My week just went into a tailspin - in a good way, though!! - and I have no earthly clue when or how much I'll be blogging/commenting/being-alive-in-the-blog-world for the next week or so.  Forgive me.  All will be explained - if you haven't already heard the news - soon.  Ish.)


Miss Dashwood said...

A tailspin, eh??? I think I know what this means-- I'm praying for you, darling!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy - Thanks so much!! The tailspin kinda un-tailspinned.... We don't really have an answer yet. : P Oh, well.