July 22, 2013

It's next week, y'all. Next. WEEK!!!!!

Sighhhhh.......  I can't belieeeeeve my NYC trip is next week, you guys.  Seriously.  It's still pretty hard to believe that I'm actually going to New York to see, not one, but TWO Broadway musicals!!  GAHHHH!!!!  I want the time I have to wait to go by really fast, but I also want it to go by slowly so I can say to myself in a year or so, "Remember how awesome that last week of waiting was?  I felt like I was floating on air....  Little did I know how amazing my trip would be!!"  (Cuz, y'all...  I just know - I know - that it's going to be amazing.)  Also, my dad told me today that he's trying to get us a hotel in the theater district.  YAHOOOOOOO!!!!  I'm going to take millions of pictures, so, like I told a friend, that'll mean frillions of blog posts.  Hope y'all are ready.  If you're all so jealous you'll find out where I live, murder me, then bury me alive and dance on my grave while singing, "What Is This Feeling?", well.....  Ya might want to steer clear of my blog for the next year or so.  Just a warning.  ; )

Ahh, well.  I can feel the green (GREEN!  AND I'M SEEING WICKED!!  AHHHH!!!) oozing out of every pore in your bodies at my tiptoes, so I'll stop making you jealous and tell you about another part of my life that's going on right now.  'kay?  'kay.

On Friday, my family is going to a masquerade ball.  (Well, that is what's going on.....  I know some of you are becoming jealous again, but, hey....)  I'm going as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, and a friend of mine is going as the Doctor.  (Ten.  Duuuuuuhhhh....)  I'm going to be wearing her outfit from the episode called The Idiot's Lantern (shown at right), and have had much help from Ally.  (THANK YOU!!!!)

I went on a shopping trip for fun (and to look for a few essentials for my costume) with Katelyn and two of her amazing younger sisters today.  We had SUCH a blast!!  I've never really liked shopping before, but it was fun with people you could talk about the clothes with!  I got a Converse t-shirt, plus some pink sunglasses to go with the outfit.  Concerning the sequined top, however....  You guys simply can't believe how hard it's been for me to find a sequined top.  Who'da thunk?!  With all the girlygirlygirly stores that outlet mall had, you would think that they had at least some sequined stuff....  Nope.  Not even a skirt to cut up.  : (  I ended up going to Goodwill tonight after we dropped Katelyn and her sisters off at their house and found a shirt that'll kinda work.  Now all I need is a Tardis and a blue motorcycle and I'll be fine!!  : D  (Actually, I still need to find some fishnet stockings and a pink cocktail ring....  Details, Hogan....  Details.  I'll look for it tomorrow.)  Tonight and tomorrow, I'm going to be working on my skirt and the crinoline that goes underneath.  And for all of you who know that my favorite color is green (GREEN AGAIN!!) and not pink, well, let's just say that I'm getting to like pink a little more.  It's feminine and very pretty.  And it'll encourage me to not climb any trees in my outfit....  (Yeah, I've been known to do that....)

Anyway.  I'm really excited about the masquerade, though!  My younger sister is going in an autumn red formal with a fox mask she made, Arwen is going as a modern Cinderella (boring...), my younger brother is going as The Man In Black from Princess Bride, Nut-Nut is going as the Phantom (YAY!!), and JellyBean is going as her cute self.  As are Mom and Dad.  It's going to be SO much fun.  Swing dancing usually is.  : )

Ta-ta for now - I'm off to seam-rip my skirt, sew it back up again (cuz it was a plus size.....yeah....), and cut up the crinoline, then sew that up again, too!!  (That was too long....  Yups, it's a confuzifying outfit.  *wink, wink*)


P.S. I'm working on a blog post full of pictures from my graduation last month (SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!), but it might not get posted for a while....  I'll see if I can do it before my trip, though!


Alexandra said...

That's SO WEIRD that you couldn't find a sequined top. I have several...but come to think of it, none of them are pink. Hm.

Ummm...you may find fishnet stockings at Claires...I know Forever 21 should have them really cheap (they did when I was there last week ;)).

Too bad you don't have a Charming Charlie around (or do you?) because they have LOTS of cocktail rings. Again, try Claires. Orrrrr...lemme think. Forever 21 again?

And pink is ALWAYS a good idea. ;) Can't wait to see the finished product! Also...if you need How To Make the Beehive Hair, I can help with that, too. :)

Isabella said...

AAAAWWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that :P I LOVE the outfit!!!! Well since I LOVE Doctor Who I just LOVE your outfit!!! I can't wait to see it! Yes pictures PLEASE!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh and the Cinderella play and Wicked!!! So awesome! So happy for you! Can't wait to see pictures!!!! Ok I really should go and stop doing all these !!!!!! :P


Bella Rose said...

that is so cool! I hope you have tons of fun on your trip :) Well of course! Every Rose needs her plus one! I am so glad they're coming back :-3 I wish Eccleston was *sigh* Have tons of fun! I will Miss you

Hayden said...

SO JEALOUS!!! And I'm not sure which I'm the most envious of...going to New york and seeing a Broadway show, or going to a masquerade as Rose Tyler. I hope you have a lot of fun!!!

Katelyn said...

We had fun shopping with you gals! Can't wait to see your costume :D

Anonymous said...

Ally - Well, I found the sequined top in time - at Rue 21. : ) I found purple and blue sequins GALORE at Goodwill, though....

I ended up not doing fishnet stockings.... Just one more thing to make me feel hotter! : P

Our CC is kinda far away, and I ended up not doing a cocktail ring, either, lol! : D

Hahahaha.... I don't wear much pink, actually. I think that was the most pink I've worn in my LIFE. : D Yeah, well, about the hairdo.... You'll see the picture and notice I just had it in a high ponytail cuz we went to help set up early and ran out of time. : P Maybe next time!!

Belle - I KNOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!! : D You'll have to ask Ally to show you the picture I emailed her. : ) Maybe you'll see one on the blog - the only one I have of the total outfit is of me and the Doctor, and idk if he wants his picture on my blog.... I'll ask. : ) You just WAIT - I'm going to be posting MANYMANYMANY pictures and posts from my trip!! : D

Bella - I know I will! : D Hahahahaha..... I know! : D Yeahhhhhh.... I've been meaning to comment on your blog for a while.... Oops.... : )

Hayden - Hahahaha.... : )

Katelyn - Same! Had so much fun dancing with you guys!! : D