July 24, 2013

Kindergarten Troubles

Earlier today, my mom was working on kindergarten with my youngest brother, Nut-Nut.  (Whose name isn't really Nut-Nut, just like my little sister's name isn't really JellyBean.  But you all knew that.)
He's learning all about the seven days of creation, and they were working on Day Three this morning, when God separated the land from the sea.  I sat and watched while giving a bottle to Miss Bean.  Mom was trying to explain that the plants started growing, each to their own kind, just like it says in Genesis 1:11-12.
"The orange trees grew oranges," Mom told Nut-Nut, "and the tomato seeds grew tomatoes.  Do you understand?"  He nodded and she went on.  "Okay, what do cucumber seeds grow?"
"Um....  They grow....  Um...."  He fiddled around with his belt and said the same thing over and over – "They grow... um....  They grow... um....  They grow... um...."
I was sitting far enough away that I could hear every word they said, but since Nut-Nut was facing away, he wouldn't be able to see or hear that I was about to burst with laughter.  Seriously, it was the funniest thing in the world!!

It went on like this for about twenty minutes.  Seriously, guys.  Twenty minutes.  Finally, my mom said, "This is taking way too long.  We're going to stop right now and pray that God gives you the answer and clears away all the confusion from your mind about this simple, simple thing."  They did just that.
When they were done, Nut-Nut started crying, saying he didn't know why.  Mom asked him again – "What do cucumber seeds make?"
More of the same, "Ummmmm...."
Then I suggested to use something he knew, because I don't think the kid has ever seen an orange tree.  We have three blueberry bushes at the side of our house, and he loves picking the blueberries off it, so I suggested that.
Mom said, "What grows on blueberry bushes?  Like the blueberry bushes we have outside our house?"
"Um....  Blueberries?"
Much rejoicing happened.  : D  Then, Mom proceeded to ask him about tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers, and peas.  He replied, "Tomatoes make tomatoes, and oranges make oranges!"  (He also said, "Muffins make muffins."   We're still working on that.)
I finished feeding JellyBean her bottle, put her to bed, and started editing my novel.  A few minutes later, Mom came in and brought a whole new light on the previous event that I'd never thought about before.  She said, "The reason that it was so hard for him to understand all that was because of spiritual warfare.  The devil only wants to twist the truth in God's word, so evolution is the way he's twisting the truth about creation."  So true!
Mom suggested I write about this here, and I think it was a great idea.  An even better idea, though, is to pray for wisdom and for God to reveal truth for all of us as school starts up again.  I'm starting up again on August 5th, and will definitely need some help with a CLEP test I've been studying for for about a month now, not including all the breaks I've had to take because of needing to help finish out our basement.  I'd encourage you guys to do the same!


Isabella said...

Hehee, he is such a cutie! I would not have guessed that either :)


Anonymous said...

Belle - I know! : D


Hamlette said...

Muffins DO make muffins! If they're yummy muffins, they convince you to make more of them :-9

Anonymous said...

Hamlette - Very true.... : D