July 19, 2013


I feel so bad!  My little sister, whose nickname is JellyBean and who you met a few months ago, is nearly four months old and I haven't posted a single picture of her since March!!!  YIKES!!!

To compensate, here are a bunch.  Enjoy.  : )

This was from a few months ago, but it gives you a little glimpse of how big her cheeks are!!

"You're HOW old?!"

Despite Miss Bean's shocked, "Get me Out. Of. Here." look on her face, she really loves Nut-Nut.  And he loves her.  They're SO cute together!!

This child eats EVERYTHING.  Everything goes in her mouth!
From a few months ago.  She loves holding her hands.  It's like her comfort thing.  : )

She wouldn't smile for me for the longest time, and even when she did, her dimple was hidden!  You can kinda see it here....

She's a pretty serious little girl.  Until we start a raspberry war.  Then she's all dimples and slobber.

JellyBean and Her Intended.  Seriously.  These two are going to get married someday.

Miss Bean being serious again....

"Do you see this look?  This look says, 'I wanted to go to Disney World.'  I'm not happy, Bob.  Not. Happy."

The Dimple.  : )



Isabella said...

OH..MY..WORD!!!! SHE"S SO CUTE!!!!! I love her little chubby cheeks!


Miss Dashwood said...

Can I come and see you? Can I? And can I hold and cuddle and squeeze your too-adorable-for-words little Jelly Bean? BECAUSE I WANT TO. SO BAD.

Hamlette said...

Awwwwwwwww! Very, very cute. I love the yawn picture!

Before my first daughter was born, we called her Jelly Bean, so I like your nickname choice :-) (We called my son Gumdrop and my second daughter Skittles. Cuz we're silly like that.)

Hayden said...


Anonymous said...

Belle - I KNOW!! Her cheeks are totes adorbs. : D

Amy - MOST. CERTAINLY. YES. By all means!! DO, DO!! Next time you're anywhere near GA, DROP BY!!!

Hamlette - I know..... : )

Wow! Great minds, etc. ; ) And I love the names Gumdrop and Skittles. That's awesome. : D

Hayden - I KNOW!!! : D


Katelyn said...

I claim her for a few minutes tomorrow! :D She is such a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable... precious... cute... sweet... the list could go on and on. ;-) Owen's cheeks are big, too! Babies tend to be so sweet and cute that it is hard to get upset with them... even if they refuse to go to sleep and it is way past bed time. Definitely a blessing, right?? ;-) Love you, dearie!!

Alexandra said...

Oh my GOSH...what a doll!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Katelyn - Glad you got to hold her yesterday!! : D

Elinor - I KNOW!!! We all love her to bits and pieces. : ) Most definitely a blessing!!

Ally - YES!! : D